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Rater Update on Energy Compliance Threshold

July/August | 2014

Update on the Energy
Compliance Threshold

As you may know, Build It Green has been working to evaluate an appropriate threshold above the 2013 Energy Code. Based on current evaluations the threshold for GreenPoint Rated will be a 10% compliance margin over the 2013 Title 24 Part 6. Please read our memo that describes the position as well as expected point differentiation between previous and current rating systems. We have also provided a document outlining the methodology supporting this position.

View the Memo >> (pdf)

Review the Methodology >> (pdf)

Rater Council Meetings: Energy Code Strategies, ACCA Verification

2013 Energy Code Overview and Strategies
Tues., July 31
l 3:30 – 5:30 pm l Register Now

Join this webinar to review strategies to meet GreenPoint Rated's interim 10% compliance margin over the 2013 Title 24 Part 6. We will review case studies in a variety of climate zones.

ACCA Verification
Tues., Aug. 28 l 3:30 – 5:30 pm l Register Now

Not sure how to verify ACCA Manual J, D, and S? Join this webinar for an informative afternoon covering verification methods, approved software, how to analyze reports, and GPR expectations for documentation submission.

Download the New CALGreen Manual
GreenPoint Rated's 2013 CALGreen Manual is now available on the Rater Page under Common Rating Tools. Use this manual to help you understand and verify CALgreen requirements, which are a prerequisite for GreenPoint Rated certification.

Reminders for New Home Version 6.0

With California’s 2013 Building Code now in full effect, here are some updates and reminders on Version 6.0 changes.

  • All projects permitted under 2013 Building Code must use Version 6.0. This version has 2008 and 2013 Energy compliance threshold built into the Data Collection Form v6.0.2.
  • Don’t forget to submit the Green Appraisal Addendum as part of your Initial and Final Application in the Supplement Documents section on the Tracking System.
  • CALGreen is a prerequisite for GreenPoint Rated certification. The CALGreen verification tab is located in the Data Collection Form.

Check Out the GreenPoint Rated Map
The GreenPoint Rated Map is available for your perusal! We will continue to update the map on a monthly basis with additional functionality to come. View the Map >>

GreenPoint Rated Project Totals

  May June Total to Date
Number of Certified New Home Single Family Units 462 202 12,250
Number of Certified New Home
Multifamily Units
845 504 12,707
Number of Certified Existing Home Single Family Units 2 2 651
Number of Certified Existing Home Multifamily Units 0 0 864
Total Certified
1309 706 26,472

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