Jun 5, 2014 6:00 PM  PST

AC Tune-Ups: Contractors Crank Output to ‘High’

HVAC ContractorsPG&E’s AC Quality Care Rebate Program is shaping up to be a major success in 2014. The program, administered by Build It Green since June 2013, offers homeowners up to $700 in rebates to maintain their central air conditioning systems. And homeowners are jumping at the opportunity: The program is on a rapid pace to exceed its goal of 7,610 home AC systems serviced by December 2014. Since June of last year, 4,949 systems have been tuned up, resulting in energy savings of 844,440 kWh in homes across PG&E territory.

Kudos to Contractors!
BIG would like to extend a shout-out to our network of 60 participating HVAC contractors, who are providing outstanding service to their customers. We’re excited by your success and proud to support your efforts to grow your business and help Californians save energy and money.

Homeowners see the value in a program like AC Quality Care. AC systems are complex and need regular maintenance, just like a car. Through the program, contractors can assess a homeowner’s system and provide tune-ups such as a refrigerant charge or blower motor replacement. Keeping a system tuned helps prevent breakdowns, extends lifespan, maintains energy efficiency, and saves homeowners money over the life of the system -- not to mention headaches.

Supporting Contractors’ Success
BIG has worked diligently to support participating contractors with a two-fold strategy focusing on training and collaborative program design.

First, we deliver trainings that teach how the program works and ensures that contractors have the technical skills to complete the required maintenance and safety testing. . We also offer an intensive two-day sales and marketing boot camp to show contractors how to grow their businesses and create effective marketing plans.

Our second strategy is to collaborate closely with contractors – listening to their feedback on program design and challenges, and conveying it back to PG&E along with our own recommendations. The result is a streamlined program that works for contractors, benefits homeowners, and helps PG&E meet its goals.

The AC Quality Care Program opens up new opportunities for both homeowners and contractors. For homeowners, it’s a first step toward making more extensive, whole-house energy retrofits. An HVAC contractor who services an AC system can identify additional opportunities to save money and improve comfort and indoor air quality, like adding insulation and sealing ducts. For contractors, enrolling in the program is a first step for them to expand their HVAC business to the growing home performance field (and participation in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program).

For Build It Green, AC Quality Care is yet another avenue to fulfill our vision to transform the building industry – making California’s homes greener and healthier, and helping building professionals prosper in the process.

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