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Jan 9, 2014 5:00 PM  PST  

Build It Green's Impact: Transforming the Marketplace 

Dear Reader,

As we enter 2014 and consider our goals and directions in the New Year, Build It Green (BIG) invites you to pause for a moment and look back at what we in the green building community have achieved together over the past two years.

I'm pleased to report that in 2012-2013, BIG has made impressive strides in our mission to expand the adoption of green building practices and to grow the market for green homes. Our 2012–2013 Impact Report (pdf) is our chance to share this story with you: our accomplishments, our lessons learned, and our path forward.

4 Strategic Challenges

In 2012 and 2013, we focused on four strategic challenges that we identified as keys to expanding the market for green building.
  1. Training and empowering professionals to adopt green building practices and then promote them to build their business.

  2. Stimulating consumer demand for green homes and our GreenPoint Rated certification.

  3. Incentivizing existing home energy efficiency upgrades and simplifying the upgrade process.

  4. Incentivizing the real estate industry to promote green retrofits at point of purchase.

Highlights of Our Accomplishments

By pursuing these four strategies, Build It Green has made impressive achievements over the past two years:

  • 21,000 total certified GreenPoint Rated homes as of 2013, with 17,000 more in the pipeline have established GreenPoint Rated as the most trusted home rating system in California.

  • 66 green building trainings attracted 1,736 attendees and led to 437 professional certifications.

  • 238 real estate professionals were trained through our groundbreaking new green real estate certification program.

  • 1,461 technical green building questions were answered through our Ask an Expert service.

  • 5,703 retrofits were completed through BIG's administration of the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program in the PG&E territory -- more than any other residential program in California.

I'm immensely proud of Build It Green's achievements in collaboration with partners ranging from PG&E to the hundreds of green home builders, contractors, and raters across our state. We're looking forward to supporting your work in 2014. So let's get started!

Happy New Year,

Catherine Merschel
Executive Director
Build It Green

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