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Aug 8, 2013 1:00 PM  PST  

GreenPoint Rater Updates: Tracking System News, Rater Council Webinar 

August | 2013

Tracking System Updates

  • GreenPoint Raters and Advisors: You can save time and streamline your certification processes with the new online payment system now available through the GreenPoint Rated Tracking System. Our new system enables you to generate an invoice and pay by credit card or later by check. Log in to try it with your projects!

  • As of Aug. 6, the revised GreenPoint Rated fee structure is now in effect, and all projects submitted are subject to the new structure. Click to view a comparison table showing the previous fee structure and revised fee structure.
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  • Launch of the EHSF on the tracking system has been delayed to mid-August. Please check the Rater page for latest information and update.

Help Shape the Future of
GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0

Now is the time to help shape the future of residential green building in California. Build It Green is seeking your expert input on the new GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0 manuals and checklists during our public comment period, Aug. 1-31.

Version 6.0 includes changes that increase alignment and consistency across the four GreenPoint Rated systems. The draft materials will be finalized on Oct. 1, 2013, and the new Version will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, in conjunction with the updated California Building Code. GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0 will continue to reflect the leading edge of green building practices and certify buildings that go above and beyond the new CALGreen code.

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Rater Council Webinar

Tuesday August 13 | 3:30-5 PM

We will be covering the updated California Energy Code slated to roll out January 1, 2014. Tune in to hear how these changes will affect you as a GreenPoint Rater. As always, we will archive the meetings on the BIG site for those who cannot attend.

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