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PG&E Whole House
Rebate Program

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Join Us In Creating a Sustainable Future

Support Our Work To:

  • Advocate for government support of green building practices throughout California
  • Provide scholarships to out-of-work building professionals so they can learn to build healthier, more resource efficient homes
  • Green the affordable housing industry and improve the lives of low-income California families
  • Create job opportunities for builders to design, build and remodel greener homes
  • Educate the public about the connection between homes and environmental impact
"I support Build It Green because they are transforming the housing market in California by engaging diverse building industry stakeholders.  GreenPoint Rated uniquely advances the policy goals of local and state agencies while promoting practical and cost-effective strategies for builders."

-Karen Kho
Program Manager
Alameda County Waste Management Authority, Oakland, CA
"We should all thank Build It Green for radically improving our business and political environment.  They have created market opportunities, developed invaluable tools and metrics that didn't exist before, and done significant advocacy work for everyone's benefit.  I'm not sure where residential green building in the state would be without them."

-Marc Richmond
Director of Green Programs
Practica Consulting, Austin, TX


2012 Results

3600+ Energy Efficient Homes

  • We administer Energy Upgrade California program for PG&E territory, offering technical support and training for contractors and helping them through the submittal process for the rebates. We've got over 4600 more projects in the pipeline, so the good work continues!

4,000+ GreenPoint Rated Homes

  • Our GreenPoint Rated program encourages green home features that conserve energy, water, materials, and create a healthier indoor environment. This year, another 4,200 homes were GreenPoint Rated, bringing us to nearly 15,000 statewide. The energy and water savings from these homes translates to taking 12,945 passenger cars off the road for one year, and conserving 279 Olympic-size swimming pools of water.

1,200 Trained Green Building Professionals

  • Our education and training programs reached over 1,200 professionals this year, including over 400 newly certified Green Building Professionals, Green Real Estate Professionals, and GreenPoint Raters. These professionals now have new skills to add to their business offerings, making them more competitive in the industry.

New Southern California Services

New Membership Services

  • We added value to our membership program this year with a large selection of brand new benefits. The membership program is committed to supporting the success of green building professionals and we are very excited to be able to offer an improved benefits package that helps you in your networking, promotional and educational efforts.

Questions?  Contact us by email or at 510-590-3360 x120.