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GreenPoint Rated Existing Home: Single Family


More homeowners are looking for the improved comfort and value of a green home. The GreenPoint Rated label makes sure they find it. This training certifies you as a GreenPoint Rater for existing homes, allowing you to add rating services to your business oferings and respond to your clients' wishes for a greener, healthier home. And now that building professionals may rate their own projects, you can be a one-stop shop for your clients, saving them time and money.

You’ll also qualify for some exciting new opportunities coming from Energy Upgrade California. This statewide program is encouraging homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements by connecting them with local rebate programs and with contractors who are qualified to do the work. Supported by an extensive marketing campaign, the program will drive demand for green home improvements even more.

As an Existing Home Rater or Advisor, you will be eligible to provide Energy Upgrade California's green enhancements option, qualify for local rebates, and receive referral fees for your rated project.  The program’s green contractor list will connect you with thousands of California homeowners looking for green home improvements. 

This rigorous course uses examples of actual construction sites to teach you how to verify each of the GreenPoint Rated system’s measures for existing homes. Learn to use energy software and an energy budget, energy consumption requirements, health and safety requirements, and how to complete an Existing Home rating and calculate resulting climate benefits.

After passing the exam you will receive your certification as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor for existing single-family homes, and can be listed on Build It Green's Certified Professional Directory, which receives over 2500 searches per month.


Topics covered in this course:

  • The objectives, policies, and procedures for the Existing Home rating system

  • How to verify the measures and perform ratings for the Existing Home label

  • Health and other required safety measures

  • Energy consumption requirements

  • The value of energy software and an energy budget take-off

  • How to market GreenPoint Rated to homeowners

  • How to access Build It Green’s services and resources

  • Tools to calculate the climate benefits associated with a GreenPoint Rated home

See pre-requisites and eligibility requirements.

Course Fee*:  $400 Members | $450 non-members

*Scholarships or subsidies may be available in your area.  Please see the course registration page for official pricing details.

This course is BPI Recognized for 8 CEU credits.
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