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BPI: Building Analyst Training

Most of the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) funded rebate programs that are helping to retrofit thousands of homes in California will require BPI certification to participate. Don’t be left out!

This two-part, five-day course prepares you to pass the BPI Building Analyst Certification Examination. Hands-on training with some of today’s cutting edge home performance diagnostic tools will help you guide your clients through a whole-house retrofit.

BPI Certification Helps Expand Your Business

BPI Certification is recognized as a mark of quality throughout the U.S. by home owners, building professionals, and government agencies.

Get your company listed as a “Preferred Contractor” for local energy retrofit programs on the Energy Upgrade California Website.

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  • We provide more than the standard BPI training curriculum. Our expanded training covers:
  • How to reduce energy by conserving water & improving hot water delivery systems
  • Additional business tools and resources like forms, marketing ideas, and sample home performance reports
  • Selecting “greener” materials as part of the remediation process
  • More test prep and more time in the field working with the testing equipment

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