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Update on Certified Green Real Estate
Professional Offerings

In spring 2014, Build It Green partnered with the National Association of REALTORS® to deliver new and FREE trainings to help California real estate professionals earn NAR's Green Designation. If you currently hold Build It Green's Certified Green Real Estate Professional (CGREP) certification, the Green Designation will offer you the next level of training, with invaluable information on marketing green homes and building your business.

To earn the NAR Green Designation, CGREP-certified professionals do not need to take the first of three NAR courses—they can begin at Green 200 and then complete Green 300 to achieve the Designation.

For existing CGREPS: We will continue to honor your certification through Dec. 1, 2014. For those interested in continuing to promote that designation after 2014, BIG will allow individuals to pay a modest annual fee to maintain the designation and BIG's professional directory listing associated with the CGREP certification.